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Aires Defender is a 9 core silicon based micro processor that provides universal protection from electromagnetic radiation of the broadband frequencies. The device does not cause signal interference. Activate by carrying the device on the person in a pocket, purse, wallet, etc.

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How it Works

The topological circuit of the Aires patented microprocessor’s resonator antenna accumulates charges. A cell phone’s or other electronic device’s “electromagnetic impulse generator” serves as the source of these charges. When an excess charge (polarization) has built up, it is automatically redistributed to the Aires microprocessor, which uses the charge to cause a coherent transformation of the field in the form of a hologram – made up of regularly alternating maxima and minima. The hologram interacts with external radiation, restructures it (forward and reverse Fourier transform) and matches it with a person’s own radiation, thus eliminating conflict between the external radiation and the radiation from the human body’s cells.

Nanotech Microprocessor &
Circular Diffraction Lattice

The Aires Microprocessors are manufactured with precision using a photomasking etching process on state of the art Microlithography equipment. The etched nano-slits are made to exact width specifications of 0.4 microns and depth of 0.8 microns, more than 200 times smaller than average human hair width of 100 microns. The Aires Defender utilizes the C28 Microprocessor. With increased complexity of the circular diffraction lattice the effectiveness is increased. The result is unmatched efficiency and effectiveness of the microprocessor.
C28 processor
707281 circular etchings, 28 fractal vectors
Actual photos of the Aires Microprocessor at extreme magnification

Independently Tested

All devices have been tested, verified and approved in independent research and scientific institutions.

Award Winning

Aires Technologies products are internationally recognized and have received numerous awards.

Patent Approved

All our products utilize exclusive patented technologies to achieve the best possible protection.

Aires Defender Series products are effective against external electromagnetic pollution


Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Aires Defender

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    How effective is it?

    Multiple studies were conducted proving significant effetiveness of the product in reducing the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Find out more here
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    How can I verify the product effectiveness?

    Our product doesn’t block EMR/EMF, by doing so it will block the function of the device that emits the signal. Here is how the device works: Testing the device with an EMR/EMF meter will not show you a significant reduction of the EMF because instead of blocking the field we are modifying it, not necessarily reducing its intensity. Alternatively, you could test the effectiveness of the device by measuring the change in body’s response to an EMR emitting device with and without our product being applied to it. This could be tested using an encephalographic and other similar devices under laboratory conditions. You can read about verifying the effect here: View Peer-review
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    How does it work?

    It works by transforming EMR into normalized (coherent) form. Not only does it transform the electromagnetic field around the electronic device, it also matches it to that of a human, thus eliminating the need for the body to waste further effort fighting the effects of EMR. It has been proven by several investigations conducted by scientific, medical, and physics institutes.
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    What is its effective radius?

    1-1.5 meters. The closer the Aires Defender is to the body, the more effective it is.
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    How do I use it?

    You can wear it in your pocket or bag, under your pillow while sleeping, hang it from your neck, or at the level of the celiac plexus.
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    Does it need power (batteries or an outlet)?

    The Aires Defender does not require any external power.
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    What is it made of?

    It is made from woven laminate (the material used to make computer boards) with a special Immersion Gold coating, silicon, and a protective coating.
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    How long can I expect it to work?

    Forever, as long as the Aires microprocessor’s integrity is maintained.
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    Will it break?

    If the usage instructions are followed, it will not break.
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    Can I use it in water?

    No, the device may be damaged if it comes in contact with water.
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    What is the technology and how does it work?

    The technology is coherent transformation of EMR. Not only does it transform the electromagnetic field around an electronic device, but it also harmonizes it with the body’s electromagnetic field.
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    Are there any health risks?

    No negative effects on human health have been observed. The beneficial effect is based on reducing exposure to external electromagnetic radiation. This reduces the drain on the body caused by its fight against the effects of electromagnetic radiation. The body receives additional adaptive powers by using its own store of health.
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    Does it affect the quality of operation of nearby devices?

    No, it does not affect the quality of communications and does not interfere with the operation of devices.
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    What are the limitations on its use? Can children use it?

    Children must not use it as a toy or without adult supervision.
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    How long is the warranty for?

    Full Warrantee

    • A one-year manufacturer warrantee on item defects, from the date of purchase.
    • Each manufacturer warrantee claim must be made within the one-year period.
    • All products must be returned in accordance with our Return Policy.
    Limited Warrantee

    • Products purchased directly from www.airestech.com will be covered for an additional 30 days from the date of purchase for any physical damage, excess wear and tear.
    • Each warrantee claim must be made within the 30-day period for a replacement to be issued.
    • All Products must be returned in accordance with our Return Policy.
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    Can I test it at home?

    The only adequate test to verify the effectiveness is to measure the human response to EMR with and without the device. The device cannot be tested at home as the testing procedure requires specialized equipment to measure the person’s physical condition after or during interaction with EMR. You can read about verifying the effect here
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    What comes in the box?

    The product, instructions, packaging, and a transparent case.

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  1. Iyli Beto

    5 out of 5 Works awesomely

    verified owner

    I have 2 radios and 2 mobile phones on me for work at all times, and left it in my phone wallet case, i had some back pain and tightness just from emf stress, i am pretty in tune with my body so i understand when it a fascia issue or emf issue, i placed the card in my left chest pocket and straight away i felt effects of it, i recommend this product and have bought 4 other products as well!
    Just a tip they do recommend to the product closer to the body because it works better and that is definitely the case.

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  2. One person found this helpful

    5 out of 5 Magnetic Protection

    verified owner

    Im immersed in strong magnetic fields for over 12 hours a day at the work place. I work in dialysis and I am surrounded with many machines and other extra wifi connections. Ive tested these magnetic fields with a trifled meter and the signals are strong and consistent. Having this defender gives me assurance that Im being protected, I also notice my energy levels are sustained through out the day, rather than feeling zapped.

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  3. One person found this helpful

    5 out of 5 Excellent defense in a small size

    verified owner

    Unlike the devices that isolate only individual devices this thing covers an entire peson. This makes it much more convenient to use as it’s just nearly impossible to have a protection device attached to every piece of electronics you own. On an average day i’m wearing at least 3 battery equipped devices at all times. I’m happy i found the Defender to help protect me.

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  4. One person found this helpful

    5 out of 5

    verified owner

    Very sturdy device, well built, I carry it on me every day. I work in busy environment, tons of cell phones, multiple wireless routers, all laptops running on wireless, this was the only product I could find that could keep me healthy outside of wearing a faraday suite.

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