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Category: Technology

Dramatic Rise in Electro-Sensitivity over the Last 20 Years

Have you experienced symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, poor memory, difficulty sleeping, and lack of clarity in your thoughts? It may seem that these could be the results of day-to-day stress and busyness, but there may be another culprit. All of these are symptoms of electro-sensitivity, which is something more and more people are finding […]

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The human body, in a modern society is bombarded every single day by an invisible threat called EMR or electromagnetic radiation. EMR is emitted by nearly every piece of electrical equipment and technology that we posses and it is having a negative effect on our bodies, especially our central nervous system. It has been scientifically shown to negatively impact our bodies and may manifest itself in headaches, insomnia, dizziness, increased stress, neurosis and many other physiological ailments. Our bodies have no natural resistance to this exponential increase in EMR in our modern society so American AIRES Technologies began developing something to counter its effect on the human body.