6 ways to protect yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation

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Electromagnetic Radiation

Most people do not realize how harmful radiation is. EMR radiation can lead to a several complications such as colon cancer, intestinal mucus lining damage, irritable bowel disease and tumors. Are you interested in learning more about EMR and how you can protect yourself? Read these tips:

Avoid wireless technology

Try to avoid wireless technology as much as you can. For example Wi-Fi based devices emit strong levels of electromagnetic radiation. As convenient as Wi-Fi may seem it has very harmful affects. Try to connect your devices up using cables. As a bonus your Internet connection will be more smooth and stable.

Don’t keep your mobile phone nearby

Refrain from carrying your cellphone with you at all time. We understand that this could be a difficult task but the least that can be done is avoid carrying cellphones at all times. This can be done by putting yourself on the loudest ring setting and placing it on a corner of your room. If you’re outside and have a bag then the best option is to keep your cellphone in you’re bag rather than holding on to it or carrying it around in your pocket. The EMR radiation exposure decreases quickly over 3 feet therefore this is the distance you should be aiming for.

Get rid of your microwave

Microwave emits EMR fields that are stronger than other electronic devices. The fields that travel from the source towards the body result in more exposure. Microwave is the easiest way to warm your food these days however it isn’t the healthiest.

Unplug appliances

An increasing number of home appliances make sure of wireless technology. Turning off the appliances you will be able to save money on your energy bills. They will also live longer lifetime which means you will able to save money on repairs and replacements.


Laptops also emit EMR radiation however many of use them with very close proximity. Instead of using them on our desks we usually place them directly on our legs. You can use a barrier to reduce the range of frequencies getting through. Buy a secondary keyboard and mouse that can be connected to the laptop. This will allow you to use laptop at range, thereby decreasing the overall exposure to EMR radiation.

Walking Barefoot

Studies have shown that when you make contact with natural surfaces grounding takes places meaning harmful electromagnetic radiation flows through the body and into the earth. You’ll feel less stressed and the strength of your immune system increases.

You should try to have many natural plants in your home as possible. Walking barefoot from time to time will reduce the amount of EMRn that your body has to deal with over time.