Can your desk job be harming your health?

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Our work places – deadly mix of electromagnetic radiation

For most of us work means staring at our computer screens for at least 8 hours in a day. For some, it could be for a longer duration than that.

Radiation from computers/laptops

Our computers and laptops help us get work done, but they also emit the harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR). In an office space, there are lots of computers or laptops that are used simultaneously with little distance between any two devices. The number could even go up to 100 or more, considering the space available.

Radiation from wireless technology and other devices

If your office employs a wireless internet technology, then the risk is almost doubled. The Wi-Fi routers also emit strong electromagnetic waves and that in combination with the radiation from your computers/laptops, mobile devices, printers, copiers, televisions, etc. can create a dangerous fusion of electromagnetic radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation and health concerns

As we expose our bodies to the high levels of EMR throughout the day, usually for 8 hours or more, the harmful effects of the radiation on our body are quite pronounced.

EMR has been associated with serious illnesses such as Asthma, Alzheimer’s, Depression, Heart diseases, Hormonal imbalances, damaged nervous system, etc. While some of the diseases such as Alzheimer’s take time to develop, problems such as depression and hormonal imbalances are often recorded quite early.

Depression can take a toll on your health drastically, affecting your eating habits, mental health, and even productivity at work.

The deficiency or excessive of hormones owing to the exposure to EMR could affect the body functions such as growth, cell division hindering abnormal cell growth which could even lead to tumors, etc.

We cannot stop the use of laptops or computers because they are primarily the devices through which we work and communicate. There’s no way we can quit using them.

However, there are other ways to reduce the risks we expose ourselves to. Let’s see what they are.

How to reduce the risk of radiation in offices

We will see some easy-to-implement ways to minimize the risks and harmful effects of EMR while working at our desks.

Improved seating arrangements

Till the last decade, offices were designed in a cubicle fashion. But, with the increased emphasis on communication and team-bonding between colleagues, most workplaces have switched to open space offices.

Nearly 70% of all offices in America have open space work areas. While this design has its benefits, recent studies have shown that it has negative effects too, which are far more prominent than its advantages.

One of the problems is the increased levels of electromagnetic radiation. The old system of cubicles required more space for one person, which meant, fewer computers or laptops were placed in the same area as compared to today.

The more the number of devices, higher the level of radiation and greater is the risk. We can safely conclude that it’s high time we go back to the good-old cubicles.

Using wired network instead of wireless technology

We have become so used to having Wi-Fi routers around us that every time our routers stop working or get damaged, we become impatient and restless. We want internet on-the-go no matter where we are. The same is true for offices.

To provide easy internet access to the staff and to save the cost of wired network, employers are using wireless networks facilitated by the Wi-Fi routers that constantly emit high levels of radiofrequency waves.

Convince your employer to stop this and switch over to wired networks. The decreased levels of radiation will boost the productivity of the staff, easily making up for the cost of the wired setup.

Do not make phone calls from your desk

Your mobile devices emit most radiation when you are on calls. Every time you receive a call or want to make one, step out of the building if possible. You could also take a walk when talking; it will only make your healthier.

Conduct your meetings out in the open

Meetings do not have to be restricted to meeting rooms. Have your meetings out in the open in the space surrounding the office buildings while taking a walk. That way, you can stay away from your devices for some time and get a pleasant break from the enclosed offices.

Take frequent breaks

Every now and then, allow your bodies to detach from your computer screens to take a walk, or sip a cup of coffee. Give yourself a break from work and your body a break from the EMR.

Equip Your Office with Aires Technology Devices

Consider learning more about the radiation protection products offered by Aires Technology and how they can help cut down the EMR that exists within your office environment. From the Aires Shield Extreme to the Aires Defender Infinity, you are guaranteed to protect yourself and your colleagues from the potentially dangerous effects of EMR on human health. Do not make the long hours you spend in front of your computer harmful to your health.

Our desk jobs put food on our table, but they also pose a threat to our health. By being conscious of the little choices you make in your daily lives, and relying on the technology available by Aires Technology, you can minimize the risks that electromagnetic radiations bring with them.