Can Our Electronic Devices Be Harmful To Our Health?

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Today, our life revolves around electronic devices like never before. At any point in time, we are surrounded by many devices. We are dependent on them for food, communication, entertainment, navigation, work, medical procedures, and lots more.

Whether it is your home, office, in the park, on the street, or in your car; they are present everywhere. They make our lives easy and it is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine our lives without them.

How our electronic devices impact our health

As they say, all good things come with a price; electronic devices have some negative effects, too. All of these devices emit electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which poses a potential threat to our biological well-being.

Your television, microwave oven, communication devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc., laptops, cell towers, remote controllers, printers, and every other electronic device you could think of, emit electromagnetic waves.

Even if you decide to stay away from their reach by turning off your devices; you can never stop the radiation emitted by the cellphone tower across the street, by the mobile phones of people walking on the road, or by your neighbor’s devices.

It is practically impossible to isolate yourself from EMR; therefore, we can never eliminate the risks of their harmful effects on the living system, which includes humans, plants, and animals.

Disruption of your biological cycle

Our bodies are tuned to the 24-hour life cycle that we live through each day, which includes about 8 hours of sleep during the night. This is called our biological cycle.

The EMR emitted by the electronic devices are known to decrease the production of the hormone, melatonin, which is primarily responsible for controlling and maintaining this cycle. The reduced levels of melatonin in your body results in sleep disorders such as insomnia, the inability to concentrate, shorter attention spans, and more.

Physical and mental stress

Right now, your living room is a place where hundreds, or maybe, even thousands of electromagnetic waves are propagating having different frequencies. Some of these might have come from your own devices; however, most of them have their sources lying outside your homes.

These waves disturb the natural electrical system that is maintained within our body. Being in the presence of these waves can cause stress, not only mental stress, but also physical. Various studies have been conducted where the EMR has been manually increased to study its effect on humans.

It has been observed that more the intensity of the EMR, more the physical stress experienced by our bodies. The physical stress results in mental stress, in no time.

Ever thought, why our workplaces, commute, and even the weekends are becoming more stressful?

Impact on the level of immunity

Picture this – your body is constantly under stress because the electromagnetic waves interfere with its natural rhythm. It has to perpetually fight the unfavorable changes it goes through, due to the EMR.

If we put our body through this chaos every living moment, how do you then expect it to fight problems such as abnormal cell growth leading to cancer, or deal with stress? Electronic devices can adversely affect your immunity.

You become more prone to contracting diseases that your body is otherwise capable of preventing, thanks to the electronic devices.

Potential threat for cancer?

Scientists have divided opinion when it finding a relation between the use of electronic devices and cancer. There has been no conclusive evidence to prove either case.

However, considering we have so much interaction with electromagnetic waves in our daily lives and their interference with our body patterns; it would be foolish to overlook the negative effects of using the electronic devices.

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