What Is Electromagnetic Radiation and How Can It Affect Human Health?

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What is electromagnetic radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is defined as the movement of electromagnetic waves, which are basically oscillations of electric and magnetic fields synchronized with each other. In simple words, EMR is basically electromagnetic waves that are produced owing to the motion of the charged particles.

EMR is classified into two types, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation depending on whether a single photon is capable of ionization by breaking the chemical bonds. Ionizing radiations belong to the high-frequency category, such as, X-rays and Gamma rays.

Non-ionizing radiation is when the photons are too weak to break the bonds. Ultraviolet and infrared radiation, radio frequency and microwaves, all belong to this category.

Our electronic devices emit EMR the whole time they are running. Visible light is the only EMR that we humans are capable of seeing. Radio waves, infrared, and X-rays are invisible to us.

Effects of EMR on human health

Before examining the effects of EMR on human health, there something important to. There are electrical activities happening in our bodies. They play a vital role in performing functions of the body such as growth, metabolism, movement, thought, and more. There are small electric currents that flow within bodies, just like the flow of blood, due to the chemical reactions taking place in our body.

EMR can upset this flow of current and can disrupt the functioning of the organs, especially that of the brain. It could also severely affect your health and could result in development of certain types of diseases or disorders.

Here are some of the effects that EMR can have on your health:

Effects on the brain

The brain is highly susceptible to damage caused by EMR. The low frequency EMR affects the biological rhythms of humans. They impact the production of the hormone, melatonin.

Melatonin is responsible for maintaining the biological cycle of humans and also works as a shield for your brain, refraining toxic chemicals from entering the brain.

Its inadequacy in the body may give rise to problems such as insomnia, depression, and shortened attention span. It also exposes your brain to damage from toxic substances.

DNA fragmentation

Ionizing EMR leads to degradation of cells primarily due to the damage of DNA and other molecular structures inside the cell. This problem is known as the DNA fragmentation.

Cancer & Tumors

World Health Organization has classified Radio frequency (RF) emissions as a carcinogen of the group 2B category, which is the same category shared by lead and pesticides.

This action was followed by a study which suggested that the cellphone usage had led to developments of malignant tumors, especially around the brain area. In some cases, benign tumors in the brain had also been reported.

Some studies also indicate that exposure to non-ionizing radiation could lead to headaches, fatigue, allergies, skin conditions, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

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