Tips to avoid Microwave Leakage

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Microwaves are extremely common in every household. They are more like a necessity in our daily lives. No one has time anymore to warm his or her food on the stove just like the old days. Not just homes they are now used in restaurants, cafeterias, kitchens and snack bars. Some microwave users are concerned about potential health hazards caused by excessive use to microwave. Make sure your microwave is in good shape because exposure to microwave radiation leakage can lead to some serious health risks.

The food is cooked by exposing it to microwave radiation, which is a form of radiofrequency electromagnetic energy. According to Health Canada « some microwave energy may leak from your oven while you are using it, but this would pose no known health risks, as long as the oven is properly maintained. » Old microwaves should be replaces all together if there’s mechanical abuse, a build up of dirt or a tear from prolonged use this can cause a microwave leak.

Exposure to high levels of microwave energy can kill sperm leading to infertility. These health risks are only associated with large amounts of microwave radiation, much more than the 5mW limit for microwave oven leakage.

Below are tips to avoid microwave leakage:

Go over manufacturer’s manual to follow operating procedures

  • Do not use an oven if the door isn’t fixed properly. It needs to firmly close
  • Do not stand near the oven for a long period of time
  • Do not heat liquids inside the oven for an excessive long period of time

There isn’t much information about low level of microwave exposure. Research has been done on animals to understand low-level microwave exposure. For one thing, there are differences in animal and human absorption rate of microwaves so there’s not much that can be said. However there have been injuries associated with microwave but those injuries could have easily happened with any oven or cooking surface. Many people have suffered injuries by hot food or steam from food cooked in a microwave.

Although there is a concern that people exposed to low level of microwaves over long period of time in their jobs could lead to health risks like infertility however it has not yet been proven in studies. What you can do is educate yourself about harmful effect of radiation and try to avoid as many electronic devices as possible so your body can try to repair at least some damage that has been caused.