Do You Feel That You Need Cell Phone Protection?

Cell phone radiation protection may have sounded like an ailment out of a science fiction movie about a decade ago, but it is now becoming one of the more serious health threats to our modern society. We live in a new modern world filled with appliances and devices that give off what is referred to as electromagnetic radiation or EMR. This radiation from cell phones and many other devices has been linked to a number of significant heath risks in people that have a good deal of exposure to EMR. We live in an EMR soup today, especially in major metropolitan areas because EMR is given off by far more than just our cell phones. Radiation is given off by nearly every appliance in your home. EMR can even come from the power-lines that run around and throughout your home.

A Mobile Phone Radiation Guard From Aires Is The Best Phone Radiation Protection You Will Find

Giving yourself cell phone protection is only the beginning, but it is a good start. Our bodies can safely absorb some EMR. In fact, even the sun gives off a good dose of EMR. Our problem lies in the unhealthy exposure that we get from concentrated and prolonged exposure to EMR. There are a number of studies that suggest that people that use cell phones for more than an hour a day for a decade have a massive increase in the chance that they will develop cancer in their bodies. This over-exposure is exactly why you need phone radiation protection from Cell Phone Radiation. Protection starts with knowing what you can do to reduce your exposure to mobile phone radiation. A protection shield from Aires is one of the most effective ways to give yourself cell phone radiation protection.

Aires Can Provide You With An Effective Mobile Phone Radiation Guard

The Aires Shield is a mobile phone radiation protection shield and it works by transforming the EMR that is emitted from your mobile device into a normalized and coherent form. It also successfully transforms the electromagnetic field around your mobile device to match that of your body. It has been proven to work by several scientific, medical and physics institutes around the world. Aires Tech has developed a number of technologies over the last decade to help with cell phone protection. Phone radiation protection is a specialty of Aires as we have won multiple awards over the years for our advancement in this new and exciting field.