Do you know the harmful effects of cell phone radiation?

The negative health effects of cell phone radiation are very serious and they surprise many people when they learn of what mobile phone EMR can do to their bodies. EMR is short of electromagnetic radiation. EMR is emitted by not only our cell phones, but also our washers and dryers, our microwave ovens, the OPEN sign at your local diner and the power lines that flow throughout and around our homes and businesses. We are quite literally walking around in an electromagnetic soup every day if we live in a modern society. We are being affected, especially if we live in urban environments.

There are health risks of mobile phone electromagnetic radiation

The health effects of mobile phone EMR will vary from person to person and are directly related to the amount of exposure the person has, but many of the more common health effects caused by cell phone EMR are, nausea, dizziness, blurred vision, hearing loss, migraine headaches, neurosis of the brain and brain tumors or brain cancer. The effects of cell phone radiation are serious. They are serious enough to merit a warning from the World Health Organization and there are even warnings on nearly every smart phone manual on the market today. Apple iPhones, Droids and Blackberry’s all have warnings in their manuals that remind their owners to not carry their device closer than an inch from their body because of the dangers and health effects of cell phone radiation.

You should know the effects of cell phone radiation and how they can affect your health

The health risks of mobile phone electromagnetic radiation are not to be taken lightly. If you use your mobile phone more than one hour each day you are most definitely at risk. There is no need to take the chance of your health becoming effected by something that you can easily avoid. The health effects of mobile phone EMR can easily be negated by the amazing products developed by Aires. The Aires Shield and Aires Defender are both highly effective in reducing the harmful effects of cell phone EMR to far less harmful forms of energy.

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