Achieve top tier EMF Protection with our EMF shielding products

EMF Protection

Our website is quickly becoming one of the most frequented sites on the internet for people seeking a top of the line EMF protector. Most people do not know there are two different types of EMF or electromagnetic frequencies. Low frequency EMFs are below 60 hertz and generally can be found throughout a typical home. They are emitted from devices and appliances such as microwaves, the electrical wiring in your walls, and the power lines coming into your home.

While low frequency EMFs are dangerous, high frequency EMFs are worse. Protection against these types of frequencies is considered much more important because they comprise the waves coming from cellular devices, radio and wireless frequencies, and the sheer level of this type of EMF has increased dramatically over the last couple of decades. American Aires Corporation wants to help protect you against EMFs and the possible dangers they pose to your health. We have all the technology needed for EMF protection that makes a difference.

The Aires EMF shield takes EMF protection to the next level

If you own a Gauss meter that detects low frequency EMFs, did you know that unless otherwise stated, it most likely does not measure the high frequency EMFs given off by the same appliances? It makes many people uneasy to know that many of their every-day home appliances emit a high level of low frequency EMFs, but the lesser-known fact is that they also emit high levels of high frequency EMFs.

The Aires EMF Shield and the Aires EMF Defender are among the award-winning EMF shielding products we offer. Aires Tech won the 2002 Brussels-Eureka Gold Medal award for our development of the EMF Aires Shield. Contact us today to let Aires be your first line of protective defense against EMFs.