The Aires EMF Shield: an award-winning EMF protection product

EMF Shielding

Many are unaware that EMFs are emitted by household appliances like hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, electrical cables and microwaves, to name a few. To shield yourself from these potentially harmful waves, you need a quality EMF protector. As a result of EMF exposure, people can feel dizzy, nauseous, drowsy, fatigued, have ear pains or headaches, and some even become physically ill. Without proper EMF protection, one may feel the effects indefinitely.

Your home and workplace likely expose you to constant EMFs. Your cell phone is guaranteed to emit EMF, making cell phone radiation protection a priority. Take your health seriously. Shield your brain and the rest of your body with the Aires EMF Shield. Many believe stress causes their health issues, but in many cases, EMFs are the culprit.

For a top tier EMF protector, go with Aires Tech

If you are concerned about EMF shielding, Aires Tech is your best bet by far. If you suffer from the effects of EMF exposure, note the difference after using our products. There is a reason our clients have offered testimonials saying that after they applied our EMF shielding to their cell phones or appliances they felt relieved of symptoms, more relaxed, and more positive.

Testimonial from Sarah H., Toronto:

“I was having some pretty serious headaches while I was at work in my old real estate office. I thought it was because I was on my phone all day and so stressed out most of the time, so I tried a few different medications and even massage therapy, but they only seemed to mask the pain I was feeling on an almost daily basis. I heard from a nursing student friend of mine about the physical effects that some appliances and cell phones can have on you and after much study on the subject it led me to purchase my first Aires Shield. I don’t have to use any more meds for my headaches because they’re completely gone, but I still go to massage therapy because I love it! AMAZING PRODUCT!!!”