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A Prospective Study of In-utero Exposure to Magnetic Fields and the Risk of Childhood Obesity

The epidemic of childhood obesity Childhood obesity is a problem of increasing proportions and has reached epidemic proportions worldwide, both industrialized and newly industrialized. In American children, the prevalence is close to 20%. While efforts to lower obesity levels have focused on diet and physical activity with only limited success, other environmental factors should be […]

International EMF projects

There are several researches that prove potential risks of electromagnetic radiation on human organism. These projects funded by the European Commission. The Reflex project, the Cemfec project, the Ramp2001 project, the Guard project, the Interphone project, the Perform-A project, the EMF-NET project. For the full review of the projects Click Here


Aires Technologies are more than 12 years. For this period there have been conducted a number of studies on mechanisms of coherent transformers that effect on physical, chemical, technological and biological processes. The studies were carried out in close collaboration with leading research and academic institutions.

The Concept

According to contemporary scientific notions, any substance has an electromagnetic nature. In turn, the structural crystal lattice body of any substance represents a certain ordered periodic field structure. This thought was expressed for the first time by the Austrian physicist, and one of the founders of quantum physics, Nobel laureate Erwin Schrodinger: ìI am inclined […]