Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

How to protect yourself from EMR

Electromagnetic radiation is harmful The first step is realizing this. Most people do not comprehend how harmful radiation is. EMR can lead to a wide array of serious conditions such as brain or colon cancer, intestinal mucus lining damage, irritable bowel disease, and tumors. Not to mention depression, anxiety, and reduced immunity. Are you interested […]

microwave radiation

Tips to avoid Microwave Leakage

Avoid microwave radiation leakage in your home and business Want to free your home or office kitchen of microwave radiation leakage and make it safer? Discover these helpful tips to avoid microwave radiation today! Chances are pretty high that you own a microwave. Most people do these days, as they’re commonly considered a basic kitchen […]

Car Radiation

Minimize your exposure to radiation in cars

Question of the day: do cars produce radiation? Do cars produce radiation? Find out how to minimize car radiation levels and drastically reduce risks to your health with our specially designed products. Automobile technology has advanced more than any other technology out there. There’s nothing like the thrill of driving the latest hi-tech car. From […]

Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding: Why It’s Important To You Even If You Don’t Know What It Is

If you are unfamiliar with the term “electromagnetic radiation shielding” it sounds like something that might matter only if you were an astronaut headed into space. The fact that it is used to reduce electromagnetic fields through elements that are either conductive or magnetic might further confirm your original assumption. In reality, EMR shielding is […]