The current ongoing worldwide pandemic is affecting us all, including our children. Even with some schools reopening this fall, it seems that remote learning and online instruction via computers, phones, or tablets will remain in use as educational tool for a while. With kids spending plenty of time using electronics as it is this poses a issue for parents who are concerned about their well-being. Countries like France, Russia, and Israel have already banned or limited the usage of cell phones and Wi-Fi in schools due to concerns over negative health effects, but will we see the same done here?

Due to their physiological differences from adults, children are naturally more susceptible to the effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by data transmitting devices around us. Their smaller, developing skulls have thinner walls than those of an adult’s skull, thus allowing for electromagnetic radiation to penetrate deeper into the brain. The amount of fluid surrounding the brain of a child is more than that of an adult, allowing for electromagnetic frequencies to also spread more freely. Today’s children have started using electronics much earlier in life than most adults and will have more exposure to them over their lifetime

To combat these issues, it is recommended that parents reduce the amount of time their kids spend using personal electronic devices like cell phones and tablets. This may prove difficult however, now that kids rely on them to receive their education and because of the many benefits that personal electronic devices provide. Many parents, for example, would feel worried letting their child leave the house without a way to contact them as they could with a cellphone. Using Aires Tech’s patented EMF shielding devices allows you to reduce the harmful effects electronic devices have on you and your kids without sacrificing their convenience and your peace of mind.