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The Aires Shield designed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted by small handheld data transmitting electronic devices such as Cell Phones, Cordless Phones, Bluetooth Earpiece, Bluetooth headset, etc.

At the heart of the Aires Shield is a silicon based Aires microprocessor – an etched fractal diffraction nano matrix that triggers the forward – and inverse Fourier transformation of the electromagnetic radiation it interacts with.

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How it Works

The topological circuit of the Aires patented microprocessor’s resonator antenna accumulates charges. A cell phone’s or other electronic device’s “electromagnetic impulse generator” serves as the source of these charges. When an excess charge (polarization) has built up, it is automatically redistributed to the Aires microprocessor, which uses the charge to cause a coherent transformation of the field in the form of a hologram – made up of regularly alternating maxima and minima. The hologram interacts with external radiation, restructures it (forward and reverse Fourier transform) and matches it with a person’s own radiation, thus eliminating conflict between the external radiation and the radiation from the human body’s cells.

Nanotech Microprocessor &
Circular Diffraction Lattice

The Aires Microprocessors are manufactured with precision using a photomasking etching process on state of the art Microlithography equipment. The etched nano-slits are made to exact width specifications of 0.4 microns and depth of 0.8 microns, more than 200 times smaller than average human hair width of 100 microns. The Aires Shield utilizes the C16 Microprocessor. With increased complexity of the circular diffraction lattice the effectiveness is increased. The result is unmatched efficiency and effectiveness of the microprocessor.
C16 processor
83521 circular etchings, 16 fractal vectors
Actual photos of the Aires Microprocessor at extreme magnification

Independently Tested

All devices have been tested, verified and approved in independent research and scientific institutions.

Award Winning

Aires Technologies products are internationally recognized and have received numerous awards.

Patent Approved

All our products utilize exclusive patented technologies to achieve the best possible protection.



Carefully detach your Aires Shield series product from its packaging. The back side will be ready to stick.

Apply to Device

Apply the Aires Shield series product directly to the device or bezel at the widest point.

Or to the Case

The Aires Shield series of products may also be applied to the case of your mobile device.

Installation Tutorial Video

Place the Aires Shield series product on any of the indicated spots


Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Aires Shield

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    How effective is it?

    Thorough research and testing has been conducted by a variety of independent parties that proof it’s effectiveness. It has been proven by several studies conducted by scientific, medical and physics institutes.
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    What device can I use it on?

    The Aires Shield has been designed to work effectively on any data transmitting devices such as: cell phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s, smart TV’s, Wi-Fi router’s, smart meter’s, etc..
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    Where should I apply it on?

    For best results the Aires micro-process should be applied in the center of the device on the front or the back panel. The device can be applied anywhere on smaller devices such as: cell phones, smart phones, tablets,.
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    Can it be used with a protective case?

    Yes, the Aires Shield can work with a protective case. It can be applied on top or underneath it, or even on the bezel around the screen.
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    Is one Aires Shield enough for my device?

    Yes, one is enough for small devices, such as: cell phones, smart phones, tablets, Wi-Fi routers, etc… It is recommended to use multiple Aires Shield units for larger devices, such as: smart TV’s, PC’c and large computer screens.
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    How long can I expect it to work?

    The Aires Shield will continue working and will be effective while its structural integrity is preserved. Physically damaging the Aires Shield or separating its original adhesive layer from the device it is applied to will impair Aires Shield’s performance.
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    Is it reusable?

    No, you can apply it on a device once. The Aires Shield will be damaged if you try to remove it and reapply it elsewhere.
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    Will it effect my cell phone’s connection or cause other interference?

    No, it will not interfere with the operation of your device.
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    How long is the warranty for?

    One year from the date of purchase.

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  1. Eugene K

    5 out of 5 Works well, but I suggest getting the "Extreme" version

    Admin verified owner

    This is a good product. My family has been using these for years to protect us from cell radiation, but there is a newer version out now. I suggest getting that, it’s just 15$ more or so, but you get the new technology. It’s a no brainier in my opinion.

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  2. Sarah Positano

    5 out of 5

    verified owner

    You can really feel the difference after putting this thing on you cell. I used to feel my head getting hot when on my cell for too long, Aires Shield really fixed that. It can’t be healthy, your head getting hot from being on your cell. I’m really happy with this product and recommend it to anyone that owns a cell phone, so basically anyone.

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  3. Amanda Green

    5 out of 5

    verified owner

    I’ve bought about 10 of them over the past 2-years, one on each phone, tablet, etc.. It’s really nice to have the peace of mind that my toddler can comfortably be around all of our electronics. I first discovered Aires after my OBGYN told me I should keep my cell and cordless phone way from the baby during infancy. Normally, I really couldn’t get rid of all tech in my life so he suggested an alternative. I also purchased few other products including a Defender and a couple Crystals.

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  4. Rajesh Singh

    5 out of 5 Very good EMR shield

    verified owner

    This is excellent product. Very good company with very good service. I bought Aires Shield for all my family phones. Its very good this product exists we all use mobile phones too much.

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    • Michael Aslanian

      Would this or the black crystal be better for a cordless bluetooth headset phone since the Shield Extreme is still on backorder? I wish I could get the extreme shield but I need this asap. I need to know which will be more effective at protecting me from the bluetooth headset, thanks.

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    • AiresAdmin

      Admin verified owner

      Hi Michael,

      If you are looking for an immediate solution, the Aires Black Crystal is in stock and can be used for wireless, bluetooth headsets. If you can wait, the Aires Shield Extreme is more practical and suitable for your device.

      Hope this helps!

      Thank you

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