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Electromagnetic radiation can affect human health

What is electromagnetic radiation? Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) is classified into two types, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation Ionizing radiations belong to the high-frequency category, such as, X-rays and Gamma rays, while non-ionizing radiation is when photons are too weak to break the bonds. Ultraviolet and infrared radiation, radio frequency and microwaves, all belong to this category. […]

Productive ways to reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation

We know electronic devices emit the electromagnetic radiation (EMR), but can we stop using them? Well, that’s next to impossible. We’re so used to our mobile phones, tablets, laptops, coffee makers, blenders, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, etc. that not using them is simply out of question. These devices not only make our lives, but they […]

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection

How to protect yourself from EMR

Electromagnetic radiation is harmful The first step is realizing this. Most people do not comprehend how harmful radiation is. EMR can lead to a wide array of serious conditions such as brain or colon cancer, intestinal mucus lining damage, irritable bowel disease, and tumors. Not to mention depression, anxiety, and reduced immunity. Are you interested […]