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According to the first law of thermodynamics, energy doesn’t appear out of nowhere or vanish into nothing – rather it transforms from one state into another. This fundamental physical reality is the conceptual basis for the operation of the Aires microprocessor and the Aires Device systems built on it.

As is well-known, any material, including living matter, is electromagnetic in nature. Without exception, periodic communication systems – such as the molecular structure of serous cells; the neuroendocrine and circulatory systems, etc. – automatically generate their own superposition (baseline radiation) and are themselves supported by it. A random change in the properties of these superpositions causes a correction to the structural parameters of the living matter it originally generated.

In turn, a living being is an open physical system that continuously exchanges energy and matter with its surroundings. From this point of view, the effect on the molecular structure of a life form through its own electromagnetic superposition is most actively caused by external electromagnetic radiation, which either stabilizes it, such as part of the universal medium (the proper geophysical background), or, on the contrary, destabilizes (man-made radiation) it, such as a stimulus with no genetic foundation. As a result, man-made electromagnetic radiation does not adapt itself to a living body, becoming the cause of internal structural conflicts and system defects.

According to fundamental physical laws, charges will automatically redistribute from areas of high potential with a high level of polarization into areas of low potential, striving to equalize the potentials. The human body is a priori a more neutral object than any source of man-made radiation. Consequently, being an open physical system, it naturally absorbs man-made radiation, which spontaneously moves toward its structure – a more neutral area relative to the radiation source.

Thus, any energy source located near a person causes the body to absorb electromagnetic radiation, including at the level of submolecular communication. Especially dangerous are the high-frequency components of a carrier wave, which form the information content of the signal transmitted by mobile phones and other similar sources of radiation (Wi-Fi, television, etc.).

It is well known that the energy of an electromagnetic wave is directly proportional to the square of its frequency. That is why high-frequency man-made radiation from everyday devices is most dangerous for humans – because it can affect the molecular structure of DNA, causing abnormal cellular mutations.

Due to its structure and inherent physical effect, the Aires coherent transformer is a self-affine diffraction grating with a specially-formed circuit of circular topological lines that interacts effectively with a broad spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. Moreover, the radiation is transformed into a coherent waveform that is a space-time matrix of regularly alternating maxima and minima, capable of counteracting electromagnetic radiation from external sources.

The structural properties of the field around the coherent transformer are harmonized, which forms a special zone that resonates with the surrounding wavefronts, including radiation from the very living cells that triggered the neutralizing response.

Thus, using the Aires coherent transformer as a protective device not only effectively restructures electromagnetic fields generated by electronic devices, transforming them into a coherent form, it also improves a host of physiological measures of one’s health due to the neutralization of one’s own electromagnetic radiation.

Product Effectiveness

Sample measured power distributions of EEG rhythms before and during cell phone use with and without an Aires Shield series device. Full study:
Regular brain background activity
Cell phone use prompts asymmetry as indicated by the arrows
Asymmetry is neutralized when using an Aires Shield series device

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