Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to let you know that I am throughly enjoying my Aires Defender Infinity Shield. As I am quite sensitive to EMF’s I have noticed since wearing your device that the dizziness I experience when in contact with electronic devices has reduced significantly! I wear it all the time. I know when I am wearing it verses when not, as my dizziness almost begins immediately when not wearing your shield. I find it very beneficial on an airplane; as electronic devices are everywhere and in such close proximity to each other. 
You customer service is both excellent and prompt and as a result have recommended your product to my friends, family and co-workers.
-Stacey McLean, Oakville

As you can imagine, being busy at the forefront of Holistic Health, owning an Institute that teaches Holistic Health worldwide, and being in front of thousands of people a year, I constantly have people sending me things to test in hopes of getting my support. So far, there have been very few EMF protection devices that I felt were functional enough to really support, until just recently. When a friend of mine recently visited, he gave me the beautiful gift of the “Aires Defender Infinity” and the powerful phone protection device called the “Aires Shield Extreme” from Aires Tech. The Aires Defender Infinity product you see in my right hand allows you to capture any and all negative EMF frequencies in your area, and it converts them into a holographic waveform, creating a protective, bio-friendly field with a six foot radius from the Aires Defender Infinity. If you have the “Defender” side of the circuit-card facing up, the energy is transformed such that it has a very strong grounding effect; it feel like I’m doing tai-chi outside with bare feet! When the product is turned with the “Infinity” side up, it harmonizes the upper chakras nicely, clearing my head and enhancing both my thinking capacity and creativity. As for phone shields, I’ve tried many. Compared to the Aires Shield Extreme, they have all been noticeably weak. For the first time ever, I can wear my iPhone without my right kidney buzzing like it’s in an electrical field, and without my whole body feeling stressed and progressively wound up. As you know, there is much being written and discussed about the harmful effects of EMF radiation, especially with regards to children. You’ll want to protect all your multi-media devices if your children are using them. I used the Aires Defender Infinity on my body during travel to downunder and know that I am better for it. All I can say after having tested these products is that if you want REAL PROTECTION, these products are THE REAL DEAL! Read More

-Paul Chek


In early December 2014, I felt completely drained after working at my computer on and off for five hours. I also noted that talking on my cordless home phone caused me to sweat profusely. I started looking into EMF and found out that cordless phones are even worse for you than cell phones. On December 25, 2014, after having Christmas dinner (cordless phones, multiple cell phones and iPads), I was suffering really poor digestion, fatigue, and insomnia. After having dinner guests over on December 27 (cell phones, flourescent lights, dimmer switches, and radio playing), I went directly to my bedroom after dinner to nap from pure exhaustion. January 6, 2015, I had a knot in my stomach at work all afternoon and felt like I was being chased. I bought my first Defender Infinity card that night at Simpson’s Pharmacy in Virgil and felt calm as I drove home. The next day, I had perfect digestion!! And what comes with great digestion? Lots of energy, boundless patience with my kids and just a joy for life. Also, I started eating organic chicken, grapefruit, and oranges for the first time in two years with no reaction. However, I noticed that after one hour at church (sound system, computer projected onto the front wall, Wifi); and after one hour at the hairdresser’s (basement TV, air purifier, cordless phones, cell phones); and while vacuuming, I would sweat. I phoned Armando at Aires Technologies and he said I may need two or three cards. I bought my second Defender Infinity on January 20 and enjoyed perfect digestion and pure energy again the following day. I added antibiotic and hormone-free beef with spices to my diet! For the past year, I have had to eat only organic produce because multiple treatments to tolerate pesticides have failed. Since I added the second card, I have been able to eat non-organic produce, so it won’t be long before the cards will pay for themselves! Yesterday, my Naturopathic Doctor tested me with two cards and found that my organs are perfectly balanced with two cards but not with one. Many thanks to Armando at Aires Technologies for coming all the way to Niagara from Toronto to meet me and answer my multiple questions and for his caring, informative responses. Thanks to Sean Simpson of Simpson’s Pharmacy for his excellent customer service and caring follow-up as well.

-Amy, Niagara-on-the-Lake


I just went to a meeting that it was held in a hotel beside the airport and I had put the Defender Infinity in my purse because I was in a hurry to get there and when I got in the room I started to have pressure on my head and heart and I startred to feel really sick. So I took the Defender Infinity out of my purse and put it around my neck and in less than half an hour my symptoms were gone. I am so glad to have found this product. I was just walking around Cumberland Terrace under Yorkville and I needed to get something at the heath food store and this is where I met Armando who is working for this company. I had known about the problem but did not have a solution for it. As my husband says this is the missing link to the emf problem. We all need our cell phones and computers but we need also to protect ourselves from the dangers of them.

-Anita, Toronto

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