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Device Protection

Aires Shield Pro is designed to reduce the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cordless phones, tablets, baby monitors, smart TVs, PCs, large monitors, laptops, microwave ovens and routers.

Personal Protection

Aires Defender Pro is designed to be used on the person for universal protection from electromagnetic radiation pollution coming from widely spread personal communication devices, power lines and cellular towers.

Area Protection

Aires Guardian is designed to be used as an area protection from electromagnetic radiation pollution coming from WiFi, GPS, bluetooth, cellular and satellite radio found in your vehicle, home or office.

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    Radiation Protection

    Radiation is absolutely everywhere, there is no avoiding it; we are constantly being bombarded with it wherever we are. Radiation comes from the earth, power lines, the sun, electronic devices, and even cell phones. You and your family are being exposed to radiation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We humans have a knack for creating more ways to expose ourselves to radiation every year. For example, cell phones have become a very popular and useful tool in our society. Nowadays, we can handle a significant amount of tasks from one simple device. We can browse the internet, send emails, send text message, watch TV and movies, and of course even make a phone call. The productivity increase that cell phones provide in priceless, in our fast growing world they are quite simply needed to keep up with the demand that is placed upon us. And though the multitasking benefits of cell phones are priceless, so is your health. The unfortunate reality with cell phones and other electronic devices is that they emit radiation in the form of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields. Radiation protection products are all over the place for a reason; from the neck cover at the dentist’s office to the full vest at the hospital when receiving x-rays. With so much exposure, it’s important, when possible to use radiation protection, and the same goes with electronic devices. Even WHO, the World Health Organization, a leader in health related advocacy, indicates that ‘radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B), based on an increased risk for glioma, a malignant type of BRAIN CANCER…’People are placing devices close to their body and close to their brain daily, multiple times a day, and even worse, kids are, too. There is certainly a need for radiation protection
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    What are the Dangers of Radiation?

    There are many risks with radiation, and the dangers of each type of exposure may differ, but they are dangers none-the-less. Radiation exposure can cause a number of health concerns, most specifically damage to cell tissue, including cancer. It happens like this: ● Your cells’ energy is used for radiation protection instead of metabolism. The cell membranes harden, keeping essential nutrients out and keeping waste products in. ● The waste accumulating inside the cells provides an increased concentration of free radicals, leading to interruption of DNA repair. ● Cell death is a result, releasing micronuclei from the disrupted DNA repair in between cells where they are free to replicate. This is the likely mechanism that contributes to cancer growth. Risks associated with radiation: ● DNA damage ● Stress ● Compromised immune system ● ADHD ● Cancer in children ● Promotes breast cancer ● Childhood obesity ● Asthma ● Tumors ● Headaches ● Memory issues ● Heart problems
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    So How do You Protect Yourself from Radiation?

    Should you take special medication to protect from radiation? Should you stop using a cell phone, or WiFi, or any electronic device at all? Well, medication isn’t scientifically proven to work, and it is difficult to stop using technology all together. There are other ways to get radiation protection. You can get protection from radiation with just adding simple, scientifically proven, device to your cell phone, or other device. No medication needed, no putting down that phone, no avoiding WiFi. Aires Technology, through intense research and trials, has uncovered and developed just such a device. A device that when attached to electronic devices will offer radiation protection better than any other product out there.
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    How Does Aires Radiation Protection Work?

    To best understand how it works, first you need to know a little about EMFs or Electronic Magnetic Fields, and RFs or Radio Frequencies. A radio frequency is an electromagnetic wave typically used for communication (such as radio and cell phones). Argo, a radio frequency electromagnetic field is an electromagnetic field caused by radio frequency. Electromagnetic fields exist everywhere, and a lot are completely harmless; in fact, there are only certain frequencies in which electromagnetic fields can cause harm, and unfortunately those frequencies fall within our normal use of man-made radio frequencies and the devices that use them. The key to protecting you from EMFs is to be able to protect and shield your body from the fields that are emitted. Aires Technologies designs and develops microprocessors that reduce the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation. This technology contains an advanced microprocessor and a resonator antenna.
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    The result – it removes the dangers created by the electromagnetic fields

    When an electromagnetic impulse from an electronic device is perceived by the resonator antenna, as soon as the harmful charge has accumulated it is automatically redirected to the Aires microprocessor, then a surface wave is created. The microprocessor generates a three-dimensional structure with a regularly alternating maxima and minima of field intensity. The resulting hologram interacts with external radiation, harmonizing it with the body’s radiation, thus preventing a battle between external radiation and the radiation from the body’s cells. Since humans simply cannot break dependency on technology, technology that offers protection against technology is the way of the future.

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