Who We Are

The technology behind the Company’s products have won numerous awards, gold medals and certificates since the year 2000. The first award was a gold medal in achievement at the Brussels Eureka Innovations Show in Brussels, Belgium in 2002 and there have been several awards since relating to the Company’s technology and products. Our research and development of technologies surrounding fractal diffraction lattices or FDL have fundamentally altered the approach of how scientists look at electromagnetic fields. Our findings have been nothing short of ground-breaking. In the last 7 years, Aires Technologies have created several products and project solutions that are 100% ecologically friendly and safe for human utilization.

Our Technology

The technologies developed by Aires Technologies are all built with both man and nature in mind, as the primary goal of the company is to develop and realize innovative, high-tech devices that are ecologically friendly and beneficial for modern man. The company’s primary focus is on developing technologies that minimize the harmful effects of and control the electromagnetic fields that surround most modern electronic devices. What most people do not know is that nearly every piece of technology that we use in our modern society emits EMR or electromagnetic radiation and the amount of it has risen exponentially in the last thirty to forty years.

Significant Funding in Research & Development
The technology behind the Aires Technologies products has received significant funding in an effort to create the world’s best EMR protector. Our products are a direct result of the efforts , previous significant funding and research involved in developing the technology.

Compare us to the competition

Our products are one of the solutions backed by science and tested by independent 3rd party studies. Most of the competition uses homeopathic methods, however, the Aires Technology products utilize technology that has received significant funding in the last decade in research and development to produce the only scientifically backed solution.

Aires Tech Pong Sar Shield Bodywell Less EMF Cell Safe
Independently Verified YES NO NO NO NO NO
$20M Research & Development YES NO NO NO NO NO
Patented Technology YES NO NO NO NO NO
Compatibility with
other products

Aires Tech Today


Independently Tested

Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure product safety and effectiveness. The testing is conducted both internally as well as by independent laboratories.


Scientifically Proven & Peer Reviewed

Our research and products are globally recognized and award winning, reaffirmed through peer reviews earning validation from the scientific community.


11 Patents & 14 Patents Pending

Aires research and development efforts are yielding significant advances in the field with new patent applications helping protect the product line from replication.


18 Trademarks Pending

All Aires products and associated brand names are protected through trademarks. There are currently 10 pending trademarks.


Proprietary Manufacturing Processes

The Company’s manufacturing partner are located instate-of-the-art production facilities utilize cutting edge manufacturing technology and processes to yield capability that is unparalleled in our industry.


Significant Funding Invested in R&D

The Company’s products have received significant funding over the last decade into research and development creating the foundation for our industry leading, scientifically validated and award-winning product line.


Unparalleled R&D facilities

Our R&D takes place in state-of-the-art lab and testing facilities staffed with the best and brightest minds in our industry continuously working on pushing the boundaries.


Expert Research Team

Our research team employs the best and brightest minds whose backgrounds include PHD’s from medical and physics fields.

Company history

Aires Technologiesand its research partners have been analyzing the effects of EMR on our environment and the human body through physical, physic-chemical and bio-medical testing for over 12 years and the findings from this comprehensive research is being used to develop a full range of devices for modern society that protects yourself and loved ones from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

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