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Who We Are
& Our Mission

American Aires is a publicly traded company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol “WIFI”. A5A.F - Frankfurt. A5A.BE - Berlin (Germany).

American Aires Inc., is a global nanotechnology company that is focused on research, development and implementation of innovative technology solutions that restructure and transform electromagnetic field haze into a more biologically-compatible form. The company is headquartered in Canada with manufacturing in the EU and distribution in U.S. and Canada. Currently, the company’s customer base is global and growing rapidly.

Vision: Our vision is for Aires products to become a household name, helping make our customers healthier and the public more informed about EMR risks.

Mission: We aim to become a household name by continuing our commitment to innovation, public education and transparency. Our employees, customers and resellers are our partners and we are invested in their success. We believe these goals and values will help maintain our industry leading position.

5ft to 26ft Effective Range


Built with Nanotechnology

Our Technology
& History

Founded in 2012, American Aires Inc., has invested over $20,000,000 USD in research and development. The results of the significant research and development investment have been translated into 11 granted patents, 14 patents pending and 18 trademarks pending. The technology developed by the company has been independently tested and peer reviewed studies are available proving its effectiveness. Today, American Aires Inc., is bringing its technology to market through a consumer product commercialization model, with proprietary manufacturing processes that combine the highest level of precision while remaining robust and scalable.

Significant Funding in
Research & Development

Over $20M has been spent on research and development of technology behind Aires Tech devices in an effort to create the most effective EMR protecting device. Our products are a direct result of our efforts, being the only scientifically proven anti-EMR device on the market.

Social Responsibility
& Sustainability



American Aires Inc. strives to be socially responsible by making a positive impact on society through equal opportunity, non- discrimination, fair treatment of all employees and environmentally friendly practices. The goal is to achieve sustainability by acting in the best interest of our customers, employees and partners while making our customers safer, healthier and informed.

Company Policy

The company policy will focus on the following areas: equal opportunity; non-discrimination; accessibility; fair treatment of employees, stakeholders & customers; sustainable environmental practices, green and fair- trade purchasing policy.


The company is committed to sustainable practices at all levels of the organization including manufacturing, distribution and internal operations, minimizing its environmental impact. The policy extends to purchasing and outsourcing decision.


The company’s social responsibility policies focus on equal opportunity, non- discrimination, accessibility and fair treatment of all employees, stakeholders and customers. The company only buys and sources from fair trade suppliers.

Giving Back

Will bring awareness to the often-neglected issue of the potential health impact of overexposure to EMR of electronic devices. The company aims to globally educate parents about the risks associated with child EMR exposure during early development stages.

Aires Tech

  • Independently

    Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure product safety and effectiveness. The testing is conducted both internally as well as by independent laboratories

  • Scientifically Proven &
    Peer Reviewed

    Our research and products are globally recognized and award-winning, reaffirmed through peer reviews earning validation from the scientific community

  • 11 Patents & 14
    Patents Pending

    Aires research and development efforts are yielding significant advances in the field with new patent applications helping protect the product line from replication

  • 18 Trademarks

    All Aires products and associated brand names are protected through trademarks. There are currently 18 pending trademarks

  • Unparalleled R&D

    Our R&D takes place in state-of-the-art lab and testing facilities staffed with the best and brightest international minds in our industry continuously working on pushing the boundaries

  • Expert Research

    Our research team employs the best and brightest minds whose backgrounds include PHD’s from medical and physics fields

  • Proprietary

    The Company’s manufacturing partner are located instate-of-the-art production facilities utilize cutting edge manufacturing technology and processes to yield capability that is unparalleled in our industry

  • Significant Funding
    Invested in R&D

    The Company’s products have received significant funding over the last decade into research and development creating the foundation for our industry leading, scientifically validated and award-winning product line