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    Aires Shield Pro



    Carefully detach your Aires Shield Pro product from its packaging. The back side will be ready to stick.

    Apply to Device

    Apply the Aires Shield Pro product directly to the device or bezel at the widest point.

    Or to the Case

    The Aires Shield Pro may also be applied to the case of your mobile device.

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    Aires Defender Pro

    Defender Pro Usage

    You can wear it in your pocket or bag, under your pillow while sleeping or hang it from your neck. The Aires Defender Pro does not require any external power.
    The device’s effective range is 1-1.5 meters. The closer the Aires Defender Pro is to the body, the more effective it is.

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    Aires Guardian

    Aires Guardian Usage

    It can be placed on the windshield, in the sun visor, hung in the holster on the mirror or placed anywhere inside the car with the provided adhesive layer.
    The Aires Guardian does not require any external power. It must be placed inside the car for maximum effectiveness.