Are you thinking of buying an anti-radiation cellphone case?

If you are on your cell phone for more than an hour each day you are at very high risk for developing migraine headaches, nausea, dizziness, neurosis of the brain, inner-ear damage, blurred vision, and even brain cancer. Do not risk the health of you or your family members. Get protection. While your first reaction may be to go for the anti-radiation phone case, we offer a more effective and more convenient alternative.

The Aires Shield has these products trumped—let us tell you why. First, it is hard to find a tested and certified radiation blocking phone case, and even if you do, they are often bulky and ill-designed, making it difficult to slip on and off your phone. While it’s true some are more stylish and ergonomic, there are so many imitations and knock-off products out there that claim to be electromagnetic radiation (EMR) blocking phone cases, yet offer no proof.

What is better than an anti-radiation phone case?

No matter how you look at it, radiation blocking phone cases simply cannot do what the Aires Shield can. While cases may be an option for a few select handsets, Aires offers a universal solution that can be applied to any mobile device out there—with a lot more flexibility. The Aires Shield works to protect your body from the harmful radiation that cell phones emit. One of the best cellphone radiation blockers on the planet, this silicon-based microprocessor that reduces harmful EMR waves is pretty simple—really.

The Aires Shield does everything an anti-radiation cellphone case does, but comes in the form of a simple sticker! To enable the Aires Shield, simply apply it to your device of choice. The Aires Shield decomposes the oscillations associated with electromagnetic fields into harmless waves. In plain English, the EMR given off by cellphones can damage your body’s cells and cause some very serious health risks if given enough time and exposure. Order the Aires Shield for each of your devices today.