Sit down for this: known cell phone radiation effects

The effects of cell phone radiation have been the topic of careful study for over a decade now and we at Aires Tech have come up with a list of interesting cell phone radiation facts. Many studies have shown that the effects of cell phone radiation and over-exposure to the human body can adversely affect cell health. The electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by cell phones can cause our cells to heat up and become damaged over time.

The very real effects of mobile phone radiation

In many of the studies on mobile phone radiation effects, it has been observed that people who use a cell phone for over an hour a day for over ten years have a significantly higher rate of brain cancer and many other detrimental effects and ailments in their bodies, such as dizziness, neurosis, insomnia, headaches, an increase in stress, lower bone density, possible changes in brain activity, and even infertility in some men. The biggest threat has been the possibility of developing brain cancer.

Cell phone radiation effects are very serious and further studies will have to be done to determine exactly how dangerous the effects of cell phone radiation can be. This is a relatively new field of study that has only been seriously pursued for about a decade or so since no one gave it much thought before the widespread use of cell phone technology took over.

Mobile phone radiation effects can be avoided

Consider the following cell phone radiation facts: cell phones have to work harder in enclosed metal areas, so avoid them. Use your phone when you have a good signal so it does not have to emit more EMR to function. Use your speakerphone or a wireless headset to rather than placing your phone next to your head. Or better yet, for powerful EMF effects reducing technology that may change your life, visit the Aires Tech store today!