Electromagnetic radiation protection is a necessity, not a luxury

Aires Technologies is on the cutting edge electromagnetic protection. Our company has won numerous awards for our advancements and achievements in the EMF protection industry. The amount of magnetic field shielding needed today to protect against electromagnetic pollution is both unprecedented and unknown to most of people. There is an astonishing number of mobile communication towers, millions of miles of cable lines, and countless sub and power stations all over Canada and the US. Satellite GPS systems and every computer that we come into contact with emits both high and low frequency EMFs.

How can you protect from electromagnetic waves?

Protecting you and your loved ones should be a priority and that is where we come in. Our company offers some of the most advanced and reliable electromagnetic protection products under the sun. The Aires Shield is an award winning EMF shielding device that can help protect you and yours from the ever-growing dangers of electromagnetic radiation. After all, protection is key when the culprit is inevitable.

Unfortunately, nearly all of the appliances and devices we use daily give off high and/or low frequency EMFs, which simply cannot be helped. But you can protect yourself from it by using magnetic field shielding and other electromagnetic radiation protection products. Electromagnetic radiation shielding is becoming more and more important in today’s modern world. We see ourselves as advanced, but it comes at a cost.

You need a device to protect against electromagnetic radiation

We use a number of different materials—from full steel enclosures, to conductive fabrics—to protect you from EMF. Contact Aires today and learn more about magnetic field shielding and the steps you need to take to ensure that you and those you care about are protected from the slew of serious health risks associated with EMFs today.