Q: Is cell phone radiation dangerous?

There is an invisible threat that looms over every person living in the modern world. We are unknowingly exposed to it every day because you cannot see it with the naked eye. You may be feeling the effects of it and not even know why or where they are coming from. There are significant findings across the globe about the dangers of cell phone radiation.

The risks of cell phone EMR are still a topic of debate in many places, but don’t be fooled by those that are misinformed or wish to believe otherwise. The health risks of cell phone EMR are very real. Nearly every cell phone manual out there has warnings about keeping your cell phone too close to your body. In order to lessen risks of cell phone radiation, most cell phone providers recommend that you do not keep your device closer than an inch from your body.

Aires Technologies can help reduce the risks of cell phone radiation

The health risks of cell phone EMR can vary from person to person and are directly correlated with the amount of exposure that a person has had to the harmful radio waves. Some of the more significant dangers of cell phone radiation are dizziness, insomnia, neurosis, migraine headaches, brain tumors (cancer) and adverse effects on pregnancy. We are being assaulted on a daily basis by the very technologies that make our lives “easier.” Read the information and then ask yourself “is cell phone radiation dangerous?” You should know the answer by now.

Protection really is key. Aires Tech can help alleviate the dangers of cell phone radiation and give you peace of mind. You will not have to worry any longer about the health of your family with innovative products like the Aires Shield, which easily attaches to your mobile device to reduce the harmful EMR emitted by your mobile device, rendering the radio waves almost harmless.