How the Aires Device works

According to modern scientific knowledge, everything is electromagnetic in nature. A material’s crystal lattice is a certain ordered, periodic field structure. Erwin Schrödinger, an Austrian Nobel laureate and one of the founders of quantum physics, was the first to express this idea.

The implication is that any material structure creates a periodic electromagnetic field (superposition) and is itself supported by this field. Every change in the field causes a change in the properties exhibited by its material structure. And conversely, modifying a material’s structure changes its electromagnetic superposition.

The well-known physical phenomenon of resonant wave functions has always been the consistent coherence of radiation interacting as a space-time coherent transformation of the amplitude, phases, and polarization of the interacting objects.

Thus, the most effective agent to affect any kind of substance is an electromagnetic field. This process involves destructively interfering with field structures or the system of wave functions. If randomly-structured electromagnetic fields are sufficiently harmonized, they become coherent.
The human body is a hyperclustered entity that is an open self-regulating system, especially as it forms. In accordance with the principles of self-organization and the physics of open systems, the body is constantly bombarded from without by an influx of matter or energy.

Because any material structure, including a biological structure, creates a periodic, electromagnetic field of chemical bonds, and is itself supported by this field, the most striking agent of external influence is the corresponding electromagnetic field. Interaction is possible given extremely weak applied energy – not only when the structures of an external electromagnetic field and an organism have similar dimensions, but also when they have multiple large-scale similarities.

It can be argued that through the three-dimensional cancellation of contrary wavefronts and their derivative superpositions, which is essentially a structurally-dependent space-time coherent transformation of the electromagnetic radiation of the objects, it is possible to induce the most unbiased level of conflict-free interaction.

Research into the effect of coherent transformers – A case study on the Aires Shield

While studying the effect of the electromagnetic field of fractal matrices, a space-time-, amplitude-frequency coherent transformation was observed. This resulted in the creation of a number of unique products to effectively correct electromagnetic anomalies in one’s environment.

At the heart of the Aires Shield is the Aires microprocessor, located in the center of a resonator antenna (a metallic topological circuit), superimposed on the surface of a self-adhesive film. The microcircuitry and antenna are covered from above with a transparent compound in order to reliably register and protect against external effects.

The Aires coherent transformer is a circular fractal diffraction grating, which functions as a universal (forward and inverse) Fourier filter.

The Aires microprocessor is:

  • a phase Fourier filter (analyzer) of three-dimensional frequencies that isolates a discrete mesh of frequencies in incoming and outgoing electromagnetic radiation;
  • a generator of a strictly ordered field grid structure that destructively interferes (forward and inverse Fourier transformation) with the electromagnetic fields it interacts with;
  • graphically synthesized holograms that form a stable space-time field structure with regular maxima and minima, and well-balanced relationship between frequencies and amplitudes.
Fig. 1. The Aires coherent transformer and the result of the formation of a three-dimensional wave structure created by passing a beam of electromagnetic energy through the transformer.

Analysis of the Aires Shield

  1. Its topological structure and neutralizing effect on electromagnetic anomalies make the Aires Shield a specially-configured compound diffraction grating. The main element – the Aires microprocessor – is manufactured on a silicon chip as a fractal of circular conductive slits that are 5 µm wide.
    Radiation interacting with the Aires microprocessor is uniformly transformed into a highly coherent waveform with regularly alternating maxima and minima.
  2. The periphery of the neutralizer –a flat metallic grid – is a resonator antenna formed from mutually intersecting rings.
    The Aires Shield is a device that transforms the electromagnetic radiation that interacts with it into a coherent space-time field structure (hologram). As a universal space-time Fourier filter, the microprocessor’s coherent transformation of radiation is capable of coherently transforming waveforms that interact with it.

Thus, the Aires microprocessor is a space-time-, amplitude-frequency coherent transformer that is also a universal, three-dimensional Fourier filter (Fig. 1). It differentiates the oscillations of any type of electromagnetic field (baseline, man-made, and biological radiation) into their harmonic parts, while simultaneously integrating the resulting subforms into a maximally coherent matrix (hologram) in terms of amplitude, frequency, phase, and interaction graphs. Upon interacting with the Aires microprocessor, electromagnetic radiation is differentiated and restructured, automatically smoothing anomalous peaks in a wide range of frequencies. This then generates a short-range field with a self-similar, fractal structure (e.g. a hologram) that can cancel out external electromagnetic fields with destructive interference.

Because the Aires Shield is both a microprocessor and a resonator antenna consisting of regularly arranged fractal structures, its operation can be understood by comparison with the well-known effects of a diffraction grating.

Due to the fact that the maximum distance between the topological rings on the Aires Shield’s microprocessor is approximately 5 µm, the structure acts as a diffraction grating for thermal radiation from the human body, interfering with and normalizing it.

The distance between the topological lines on the Aires Shield’s antenna are roughly 2 µm, making it a diffraction grating for electromagnetic radiation in the micrometer range, which also corresponds to radiation from the human body.

Thus, the Aires microprocessor affects the space-time structure of physical fields by creating normalized and coherent three-dimensional fractal structures without causing them information overload.

Nematic liquid crystals (NLC) were used to visualize the three-dimensional structure of the electromagnetic field formed by the application of the Aires microprocessor. The resulting structures were observed using an ordinary polarized, optical microscope and recorded using photographic and computerized techniques (Fig. 2-3).

Fig. 2. Image (in polarized light) of the surface of a layer of NLC under ordinary conditions.

Fig. 3. Image (in unpolarized light) of the surface of a layer of NLC under the influence of an Aires coherent transformer.

pH measurement was used to investigate how the Aires Shield protects against radiation from cordless phones and computer monitors. The approach was to measure changes in the conductivity of water, which was chosen as an information-transferring medium to detect the effect.

The measurements obtained demonstrate the Aires Shield’s objective protective abilities. The dynamics of the changes in water conductivity when its structured state is exposed to radiation from cordless phones and computer monitors with an Aires Shield indicate that virtually all of the radiation is neutralized.
We have also tested a series of measurements of the strength of the electric field along a cellular phone, with and without an Aires Shield applied.

The results (Fig. 4) demonstrate that an Aires Shield divides the strength of the electric field, e.g. the negative effects of a cordless phone on humans, by 3. It should be noted that the phone’s range and reception quality remain unchanged.

When using a phone with an Aires Shield the band used in both standby mode and talk mode has been noted. The Aires Shield provides for a smoother downswing in energy S(f) with the first deep minimum around 35 GHz, and it substantially diminishes the intensity of the radiation around 50 GHz (Fig. 5-8).

Fig. 4. Change in the strength of the electric field along a cellular phone:
a) with an Aires Shield, b) without an Aires Shield.

Fig. 5-8. Representative phase-frequency and amplitude-frequency spectra from the data set for the primary phone modes.

Fig. 5. Phone in standby mode (left) and call mode (right) without an Aires Shield
Fig. 6. Phone in standby mode (left) and call mode (right) without an Aires Shield
Fig. 7. Phone in standby mode (left) and call mode (right) with an Aires Shield
Fig. 8. Phone in standby mode (left) and call mode (right) with an Aires Shield

Biomedical research

We may conclude from the outcome of a multitude of tests that using the Aires Shield during long-term mobile phone use prevents a reduction in the functional lability of the cerebrum, promoting an optimal balance between activating and inhibiting the central nervous system. It also counteracts exhaustion by optimizing the structure of the cerebrum. Thanks to the Aires Shield’s resonant interaction with the baseline radiation from the cerebrum’s tissues, it neutralizes local changes in bioelectric activity induced by both the directional oscillations of cordless phones as well as the regulatory mechanisms of the central nervous system.

Results have been obtained for research into the use of the Aires microprocessor to neutralize the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on the central nervous system.

The cerebrum’s bioelectric activity represents the cumulative activity of nerve cells, sensory pathways surrounding cells, and for the most part, postsynaptic potentials. By interacting with one another, the cells of the central nervous system create their own pattern of electric oscillations at separate points in the cerebrum at each moment. The amplitude of these oscillations is a few tens of microvolts. The connection between a change in the micro-electric oscillations of the brain and changes in the body’s internal and external environment was proven long ago. The brain radiates electromagnetic waves itself, but it also shifts its activity in response to the slightest changes in the baseline electromagnetic field.

The figure below depicts the change in an electroencephalogram (EEG) of a single test subject before and during a cell phone conversation (Fig. 9a-c).

Fig. 9а). A spectral snapshot of the cerebrum’s bioelectric activity before a cell phone conversation.
Fig. 9b). A spectral snapshot of the cerebrum’s bioelectric activity during a cell phone conversation.
Fig. 9c). A spectral snapshot of the cerebrum’s bioelectric activity during a cell phone conversation using an Aires Shield.

The research persuasively demonstrates that the Aires Shield’s coherent transformation of the phone’s radiation using the cerebrum’s own radiation not only neutralizes local changes in bioelectric activity caused by directional, man-made sources (cordless phones), it also stimulates the regulatory mechanisms of the central nervous system, which supports the normalization of the cumulative pattern of bioelectric activity disturbed by harmful man-made fields (Fig. 9c).

The figures below present a test subject’s cumulative rhythmography-topogram and a distribution of rhythm power in specific bands. Importantly, in addition to a disruption to the pattern of the source EEG (Fig. 10), all test subjects exhibited an asymmetry in the distribution of rhythms on the convexital surface (Fig. 11), which was induced by the operation of the mobile phone even when the audio signal was disabled. In the area of the mobile phone, the asymmetry of delta activity increased by 37%. However, with an Aires Shield, the asymmetry induced by the mobile phone leveled out.

A more in-depth analysis of the EEG with respect to intercenter interactions (Fig. 13) showed that intercenter links were disrupted when exposed to a unprotected mobile phone; and that when an Aires Shield is used the disrupted links were restored and their structure even improved in comparison to baseline.

The EEG’s distribution of rhythm power: the cumulative distribution is on the right; the distribution by band is on the left.

Fig. 10. Baseline brain activity.
Fig. 11. Without an Aires Shield.
The arrows point out the asymmetry of the distribution of rhythm power during a phone conversation.
Fig. 12. With an Aires Shield. The asymmetry has been neutralized.

Local changes in the bioelectric activity may be caused by the influence of a weak EMF, for example, that of a mobile phone, or they may occur due to a blood vessel disorder. Regardless of their cause, local disturbances to bioelectric activity can be corrected by a field with a regular, highly coherent, fractal structure – in this case, one created by an Aires Shield.

Fig. 13а). Baseline picture of intercenter links in various EEG bands.

This is a picture of the distribution of intercenter links in the alpha (8-12 GHz, left) and beta-2 (24-35 GHz, right) bands of the cerebrum’s bioelectric activity before being affected by a telephone. It is notable for the weak links in the alpha band due to the test subject’s venous outflow disorder, and a decrease in links in the beta band due to general vascular deficiencies during the research.

Fig. 13b). Picture of intercenter links of bioelectric activity during and after a phone conversation.

The active process (negative links) of the harm caused by a mobile phone’s electromagnetic field can be seen primarily in the right hemisphere, which is closely related to the physiological origins of emotions, and the complete disruption of the links in the beta band (intercenter interaction at the level of the cerebral cortex).

Fig. 13c). Picture of intercenter links of bioelectric activity during and after a phone conversation with an Aires Shield. The intercenter links demonstrate improvement, even in comparison to the baseline.

The cardiovascular and endocrine systems were monitored using Voll approach of measuring electromagnetic fluctuations in the biological activity of various points. These fluctuations are subsequently analyzed and processed.

Research using the Voll method has revealed that a five-minute mobile phone conversation reduces the activity of organs and tissues an average of 30% or more, while the presence of an Aires Shield not only protects the human body from the effects of man-made radiation, it also promotes the restoration of the disrupted functions. This effect is maintained for the space of several hours.

  1. The average deviation from normal activity (origin) before the phone conversation.
  2. Average deviation after a 5-minute mobile phone conversation.
  3. Average deviation after a 5-minute mobile phone conversation with an Aires Shield.
  4. Average deviation after 30 minutes have passed.

As can be seen from Fig. 14, a mobile phone conversation aggravated the activity measure by a factor of 2. However, a conversation five minutes later on the same phone, but with an Aires Shield applied to it, both eliminated the negative effects from the previous conversation and significantly improved the activity measure relative to the baseline measurement. As the fourth measurement demonstrates, the effect was still maintained after 30 minutes.

  2. LUNGS
  9. HEART
Fig. 15 Graph of baseline activity measurements of organs and body systems before a phone conversation.
The normal range lies between 50-60 standard units.

As Figure 15 illustrates, the activity of the majority of the organs and systems falls in the normal range.

The left part of Figure 15 shows a list of the points measured (control points). The graph displays the values of the control points’ electric parameters (electric potential in standard units). The vertical axis depicts the magnitude of the measured level.

Fig. 16. Electric potential at the control points after a 5-minute mobile phone conversation without a protective device.

Figure 16 shows a dramatic reduction in the activity of body systems such as the immune, endocrine, circulatory, and gastrointestinal systems, as a result of a 5-minute mobile phone conversation.

Fig. 16а). Electric potential of circulatory system control points under the influence of man-made electromagnetic radiation from a mobile phone: before turning it on, during a conversation, and with an Aires Shield.

Figure 16a illustrates the changes in the electric potential of circulatory system control points under the influence of radiation from a mobile phone (column 2) as compared with the baseline (column 1) and operation with an Aires Shield (column 3).

It must be noted that under the influence of electromagnetic radiation from a mobile phone, the electric potential of the circulatory system dropped sharply to a level in which progressive dystrophic changes developed and there was a pronounced effect of astenization and the disruption of the neurohumoral regulation and vegetative balance, which is an indicator of cellular destruction.

The presence of an Aires Shield completely eliminated all of the negative effects of EMR enumerated above. It also improved the initial measures.

Figure 17 illustrates changes in the activity of organs and body systems after a five-minute phone conversation using the same mobile phone, but with an Aires Shield. Not only are the measures restored, the are improved – even when compared to the baseline measurements.

Fig. 17. Electric potential at the control points after a five-minute conversation with a phone with an Aires Shield.

Thus, using an Aires Shield strengthens the body’s own mechanisms for protection and adaptation.
In summary, these results lead to the conclusion that the Aires microprocessor differentiates the negative influence of the directional electromagnetic radiation produced by a mobile phone. The correction of the local changes in bioelectric activity are explained by the Aires Shield’s ability to harmonize the electromagnetic field generated by external sources, transforming it into a coherent form and neutralizing it with the baseline radiation from living cells. As noted above, changes have been observed in the EEG’s frequency-amplitude parameters. Statistically, the most reliable changes (p < 0.05) have been revealed in the alpha band, playing a special role in adaptive mechanisms to external factors, including environmental and social factors. Thanks to its coherent interaction between three-dimensionally structured external radiation and the radiation from brain tissue, the Aires Shield stabilizes the cumulative rhythmic activity, which reflects the mobilization of the regulatory processes of the central nervous system and the comprehensive optimization of brain function. Thus, the Aires Shield is a device that is highly effective at stopping the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on humans. In 2002, Aires Shield received a gold medal at “Brussels Innova 2002″, the 51st World Exhibition on Inventions, Research, and New Technologies. Aires’s universal technologies have been awarded many prizes and medals at prestigious international shows and exhibitions. [space height="70"] [heading_promo animation="fadeIn"]Additional Information[/heading_promo] [one_third] [icon_3 animation=" animation="" style="3" icon="fa-info-circle" title="How it works" url="/technology/works" target="_blank"] [/icon_3] [/one_third] [one_third] [icon_3 animation=" animation="" style="3" icon="fa-code-fork" title="Structure of the Microprocessor" url="/technology/works/structure-aires-microprocessor" target="_blank"] [/icon_3] [/one_third] [one_third_last] [icon_3 animation=" animation="" style="3" icon="fa-question-circle" title="How to verify the effect" url="/technology/works/verify-effect" target="_blank"] [/icon_3] [/one_third_last] [space height="40"]